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Artwork from Visions of the Blue Valley


BioRegions wants its activities to have useful impacts within the communities and regions where the work occurs. To this end, BioRegions has published products in both Mongolian and English and makes efforts to distribute them in their rural areas of origination.

Visions of the Blue Valley

Join the children of the Renchinlumbe School on a visual and written journey into their nomadic way of life in northern Mongolia, with superb artwork and wonderful stories, translated into both Mongolian and English. For a donation of US $100 or more, we will gladly send to you a copy of Visions of the Blue Valley.

The book is also available for purchase: please use our order form.

BioRegions International is a 501(c)(3) organization based in Bozeman, Montana, USA. All donations by US citizens are tax deductible (tax ID 46-0517009). Your donations go directly to improve the quality of life for rural communities.

The Written River

BioRegions facilitated the travel of Dartmouth College graduate Shannon Prince to the Darhad Valley for a Lombard Fellowship project.  Prince interviewed Tuvan reindeer herders and Darhad citizens for an ethnographic reference book of traditional practices titled The Written River. BioRegions Ulaanbaatar Coordinator Sunjee (Sunjidmaa Tsagaan) translated the book and directed the publication. The book also includes perspectives of Mongolians who are now living in the United States on Westernization/globalization. The Written River has been distributed widely in the Darhad Valley and Orkhon soum in Bulgan aimag.

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Reports and Other Publications

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Solar Overview, Catherine Kirkland and Kate Burnaby Wright, 2005

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