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Our Partners:

We are all about catalyzing partnerships and facilitating the exchange of information, skills, and ideas.  To achieve this, BioRegions International works closely with a great number of institutions, communities, businesses, and individuals.  Here are just a few of the many.

SCG Consulting

A multidisciplinary Mongolian consulting company that has partnered with BioRegions International on several Eco-tourism and business related projects.

Mongolia River Outfitters

BioRegions International and Mongolia River Outfitters are partners working to conserve the Taimen population in Mongolia Rivers.

Fish Mongolia

BioRegions International and Fish Mongolia, a catch and release conservation vanguard, work together to help conserve the only two remaining Taimen Sanctuaries in Mongolia.

Montana State University

Much of the effectiveness of our work is achieved through the synergies of BioRegions International working closely with Montana State University’s parallel BioRegions Program, organized through the Department of Land Resources and Environmental Sciences. Internationally active professors and students, local community members, and volunteers with specific skills have access to a university with great depth in fields such as agriculture and natural resource management, the natural sciences, environmental history, engineering, architecture, rural business development, and certain aspects of human and animal health. This bridge between “on the ground reality” and academia provides benefits in both directions. Montana State University has a MOU with Mongolian State University of Agriculture and the Mongolian National University of Health Sciences (formerly Health Sciences University of Mongolia). Meet our BioRegions Program Faculty here.

U.S. National Park Service

Monitoring and planning specialists Kristin Legg and David Thoma from the U.S. NPS traveled with BioRegions to Ulaan Uul in the Darhad Valley to conduct ranger training and provide monitoring advice for rangers in three Special Protected Areas: Ulaan Taiga, Shisged Tengis, and Horidol Saridag.

American Center for Mongolian Studies

BioRegions and ACMS coordinate to support student research projects in Mongolia.

RiverStone Health Clinic

Each year, RiverStone Health Clinic in Billings, MT selects a third-year resident physician to serve with the annual BioRegions work trip in Mongolia.

Lions Club International

Provides donated reading glasses for distribution to rural families by BioRegions.

Mongolian Wolverine Project

A collaborative research and education partner with BioRegions, led by BioRegions International Director Rebecca Watters

Bozeman Sunrise Rotary

Provided solar panels for the Renchinlhumbe School library and dormitory cafeterias, the installation of which was coordinated by BioRegions.

Craighead Institute

Provides GIS and landscape ecology expertise and training for community conservation inventory and planning

Boojum Expeditions

Helped BioRegions get started in Mongolia, continues to collaborate on community improvement projects in the Darhad Valley

Traditional Medicine Corporation, Mongolia

BioRegions helps with English editing

Mongolian National University Ecology Dept

Cooperates with Professor Boldgiv to advise and support Mongolian students in ecology

Mongolian Red Cross

Provides instructors for rural community First Aid training in the Darhad Valley

Mongolian National University of Health Sciences

Each year, the university selects a Mongolian medical student to accompany the annual BioRegions work trip, and then to visit Montana to learn about rural and small city health care in Montana

Mongolian State University of Agriculture

BioRegions provides field support for research faculty and students to accompany the annual work trip

Altai Assistance Project

BioRegions helps host professionals from the Russian Altai to visit the Yellowstone Ecosystem

Altai Alliance

Supports conservation and sustainable community development in the Russian Altai

Mongolian Institute of Veterinary Medicine

Cooperates with brucellosis research and education; planning future collaborations with Montana State University veterinary scientists