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BioRegions International
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Our Mission:

BioRegions International catalyzes the exchange of knowledge, experience and skills both within and between bioregions.

Our Core Concerns

We have seven program focus areas: Whole Community, Local Economy Growth, Education, Environment, Health (animals and people), Traditional Skills and Knowledge, and The Arts. We support community-based endeavors that are holistic and promote social and ecological integrity. We work in rural communities where the connection between the wellbeing of nature and humans is most immediate. Learn about our programs »

Blue Sky Country : Big Sky Country

Our organization focuses efforts upon two globally significant landscapes: The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and Northern Mongolia. Although located half a world apart, these beautiful and ecologically intact bioregions share remarkably similar cultural values, economies and natural environments. They also face very similar challenges. This provides opportunities for communities to learn and grow from each other. View map »

Our History

The first group of professional volunteers and students traveled to rural Mongolia in 1998 through the MSU Short-Term Summer Study Abroad Program. We quickly discovered that people attached to these two great landscapes share common values and concerns. Since that first glorious summer, the constant exchange of skills and knowledge between the Blue Sky Country and Big Sky Country has grown steadily. BioRegions Program, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, was incorporated in December, 2000; we do business as BioRegions International (BRI). The parallel Montana State University BioRegions Program was organized through the Department of Land Resources and Environmental Sciences and continues to this day as a vital partner for BioRegions International. BioRegions International arranges the in-country logistics in Mongolia, provides substantial funds for project work, and helps MSU personnel, as well as other specialists new to Mongolia, get acquainted with the country. Most of the student participants, along with interested and dedicated faculty and staff, come from Montana State University. Much of the effectiveness of BioRegions is achieved through the synergies of BioRegions International working closely with Montana State University entities, personnel and students. Learn about our other partnerships »


In most cases, we work upon the invitation of rural communities. This generally begins with communities reaching out to BioRegions with a request for support. We then come together to formulate approaches that address community priorities within our core program focus areas. Learn more about how we work »


Every year a host of local stakeholders, medical professionals, professors, development experts, conservationists, engineers, economists, agriculturalists, students, researchers, and businesses volunteer their highly valuable time and energy to support BioRegion’s efforts. Only a few Mongolian staff and seasonal logistics managers receive any direct financial support. Learn more »